We are VEER Group.

VEER Group is a crisis management & restructuring consulting firm that specializes in working with venture funded companies around the world. We provide analytical & advisory services to equity owners and lenders of distressed borrowers. We provide crisis management & turnaround services to help our clients overcome complex business challenges. VEER Group prides itself on flawless execution of innovative solutions to our client's greatest challenges.

Who we are.

We have a passion for turnarounds. VEER Group is invested in distressed companies not because of monetary rewards, rather because we have a passion for solving complex business challenges. We create the conversations that challenge assumptions and provoke action which changes the business. We have a deep desire to see what solutions are possible, pursuing innovation and creating actionable solutions that work specifically for the company at hand.


Co-Founder | COO


Founder | CEO

How we work.


The evaluation phase is focused on discovery, gathering data and information through company documentation, interviews, plus an analysis of financials and contracts to understand the current company structure, operations, and offerings. Our hands-on discovery process allows us to rapidly develop and provide fact-based insights on every component of the company. We quickly and efficiently evaluate the potential merits and shortcomings of the investment while objectively assessing the value of the business. Coming from an operational perspective we provide a data driven and fact based business analysis. Our business analysis deliverables include our discoveries, areas for improvement, financial restructuring, outsourcing opportunities, cost reduction and revenue improvement opportunities.

Interim Management

When faced with a strategic and tactical crisis, companies can navigate faster by bolstering internal resources with additional experience, knowledge, and talent. Time is often of the essence. Highly skilled and experienced managers are often required immediately in order to rebuild companies that are failing. Our clients need immediate action and we are able to put qualified talent into distressed firms anywhere in the world at any time to facilitate change. The Veer Group has a bench of experienced C-Level executives to assume management and financial roles on an interim basis as needed. Our balance approach is focused on increasing revenues, improving company effectiveness and reducing costs.

Lean 360

Monitoring and reporting on performance ensures continued focus on priorities, growth, and goals. The Veer-Group helps investors define acceptable levels of performance and then installs business controls to: keep the business on track, minimize surprises, predictably achieve desired goals, ensure management can make faster and smarter decisions, and alert stakeholders to potential issues. We develop a dashboard, accessible to all that answers fundamental questions about the health of the company at a glance and provide monthly and quarterly financial and operational reports to all share and equity holders.